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Fix, Stop, Paint

Everyone who has built a house can tell you that it's the finer touches that make all the difference. At P&D Painters, we take pride in providing a service that’s second to none, meaning that you get the best quality results at a competitive price. 





Freshly painted loungeEnsure the best quality by choosing one team you can trust.

With over 100 years of experience, we know what makes great quality. An average fix or a stop that's not quite right could mean your final paint job is sub-par. That's why we take care of everything, so you only get the best results.


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Fresh paint job

A team of trusted fixers, stoppers & painters for your peace of mind.

Being in the industry for 10 years, we know who the good sorts are. We’ve established relationships with competent, professional and efficient fixers and stoppers, whose quality of work aligns with ours. We even project manage the whole process to ensure there aren't any inconsistencies in work.


Our fix, stop and paint service is chosen by many Cantabrians because they trust that our quality is always of the highest calibre. 






The Fix, Stop, Paint 3 step process:


1. The Fixers Fix - This first stage is crucial. It sets the rest of the team up to provide the perfect finish. 


2. The Stoppers Stop - Our team of stoppers provide up to a level 5 interior plastering finish. This is the highest level, so you get the best quality.


3. And then you’re Painters Paint - Our team of experienced painters paint with passion. You get the superior, top-quality interior finishes using only the best products. 



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