Christchurch Lead Paint Removal

17 December 2020

Christchurch Lead Paint Removal

Removing lead paint from your interior or exterior of your house can be really dangerous and cause serious illness. The biggest source of non-occupational exposure to lead is lead-based paint.

It is very difficult to know whether your home has lead based paint, but if you home was painted before 1980, you can assume it has been painted with lead-based paint.  From 1965, many paints on the New Zealand market had high lead levels. Even if your home has been recently painted, it may have been painted with lead-based paints or have layers of old paint covered by modern paint. 

Safely removing lead-based paint is crucial to your health, your family and your pet's health. Christchurch Lead Paint Removal team at P&D Painters can remove your lead paint with our latest technology, ensuring that any paint flakes are captured, and your home is safe, and you have peace of mind


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