Halswell House Painters

31 October 2021

Halswell, this rapidly growing suburb of Christchurch, was completely separate geographically up until recently from the rest of Christchurch. It's original suburb Oaklands, established in the 1960's, remains complete with original homes from that era. Newer developments including WestLake (1980) and Aidenfield (1990) have effectively physically joined Halswell onto Christchurch. Brand new homes continue to expand the area, as new developments open monthly.

The area boosts great schools, libraries, shops, and community pool. As the surrounding area continues to grow, including Knightstream and Longhurst, the property values do as well.

If you have a home in the Halswell area, let us look after it for you, we are the experienced ones!

P&D Painters, Halswell Painters.






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